Farmer First Group

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Farmer First group

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Do the following phrases describe your situation?

  • Want to make a gains in the success of your business,
  • Have been coasting but are looking to push your limits,
  • Simply want to get ahead, or
  • Feel you’ve reached a plateau and are looking to step up to the next level.

Farmer First develops management skills and knowledge for farmers to improve what they are doing at home

In Australia, farmers managing holistically have been so successful that Australian Government’s Committee on Primary Industries and Resources is considering promoting it to help Aussie farmers adapt to climate change.

The focus of Farmer First groups are notes each individual person/business brings to meetings which outlines business/farm issues.  In other words, you only join if you have specific problems that need addressing – no tyre kickers.  This means each business is responsible for working on issues throughout the year and reporting progress to group.   This is significantly different from other discussion groups because you:

  • Identify and address problems specific to your business and property, 
  • Address your issues rather than just observing and discussing what others are doing, 
  • Take responsibility to change what happens at home.

Mornings involve reviewing notes of each business with priority to the property hosting the day.  Afternoons involve a pasture walk and topics relating farm business to goals and progress, finances, grazing management and monitoring productivity and communication.   It is robust discussion resulting from these events which help farmers move forward.

What are the benefits to you?

  • Gain confidence to try new things on your property
  • Address problems specific to your business or property
  • Gain support, enthusiasm, and insights with people who work on the land every day
  • Be with people actively building skills, knowledge, momentum, and want you to succeed
  • Experience planning cycle, monitor your own progress, and lead by example

Meeting fees are $400 per business per meeting (includes GST).  This means two generations and spouses can attend for the same price. 

There are a minimum of four meetings over 12 months.  Meetings are usually held at a different property each time.  It’s the responsibility of hosts to feed and water their guests.

All dates are set from first meeting so everybody can quickly add them to their farming calendar.  Each group develops its own set of rules about how it functions and issues of confidentiality so members control what happens in group.  As facilitator my role is to create an environment where people feel safe to pursue issues important to them and where discussion is open and inclusive.

These groups are about humans and business rather than animals and crops.  Activities will enhance creativity, problem solving, motivation, cooperation, and communication.  Group members will use a range of techniques to practice critical reflection, questioning assumptions, giving positive feedback, and learning to deal with uncertainty of change. 

If this experience is what you are looking for, then contact me at or 027 6737 885.  Check out my videos at HolisticManagementNZ