John King

Who is John King?

John King is Director of Succession.

John's passions are education, environment, and entrepreneurship. Farm practices need to regenerate soils, lift profits, and lower labour, the new triple bottom line. The services John provides help farm families and businesses develop confidence to try new ideas and achieve these outcomes. Emphasis is placed on observation, monitoring, and analysis, a learning process that makes farmers proactive in pursuing their dreams. These techniques draw on John's experiences as a certified Holistic Management® educator and his direct access to the Holistic Management global network.

What is the cheapest farm development cost? Learning to watch, think, and question. Why, because it’s cheaper developing these skills to make right choices than make costly decisions. The agricultural industry swamps farmers with what to do rather than how to think. This type of information railroads farmers into costly outcomes they often regret. To create opportunities, solve problems, and be resourceful starts by asking the right questions and knowing what to observe on the land. Students and farmers enjoy the interactive and hands-on approach John brings to classrooms and consultancy.

John lives in Christchurch. He travels throughout New Zealand to talk with and teach groups and individuals to manage holistically and tap into regeenrative farming techniques. He also writes about experiences of holistic farmers and comments how holistic perspectives challenge conventional beliefs about farming, business, and resource management. His articles are mostly published in North America and New Zealand.  He is currently a facilitator and subect matter expert with Red Meat Profit Partnership.