Managing Holistically, Holistic Management training Taupo 2018


Allan Savory’s Managing Holistically Training 

Farming families managing holistically experience lower stress, happier families, and fewer succession issues.  They enjoy greater control of their circumstances, especially when stepping off production treadmills.  They look for and utilise services nature provides for free to increase property resilience to climatic events and stablising revenues and profits.  They notice better family communciation and accountability.  They become proactive in addressing causes of problems rather than treating symptoms.

Holistic Management provides insights and ideas that are both practical and profitable. Drawing from farming systems around the world, issues raised and discussed introduce New Zealand farmers to how they can improve streamlining their operations. It can be used with any farm business management or design system.

The focus is on developing techniques, habits, and routines to strengthen any successful business. Holistic insights from these techniques improve understanding of how business and environment come together to improve profitability and quality of life. 


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To summarise; you will leave with:

Over all; greater consistency and vision in your business management. 

This course is about farmers thinking for themselves from a new perspective so they can revitalise their business, property, and family life. If you are questioning your results, then this course is for you.

What would this cost?

The following training course is open to farming businesses.  Standard price is $3600.00 per couple, and $500.00 for each person thereafter from same business/property to attend. 

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 Foundation Course:  Minimum of 8 businesses (8 days over 4 months)

This course builds a foundation for you to mange holistically by exploring cornerstones of farm business; environment and human decision-making. 


Workshop 1:  Ecosystem Processes (2 days)

Discover your business foundation.  Learn to read your landscape and understand water and mineral cycling, energy flow, and community dynamics regarding pasture production, observe and identify early warning signs of poor ecosystem health, understand impact of tools humans use to enhance resilience of landscape function. 


Workshop 2:  Leadership (2 days)

Learn importance of human creativity in managing businesses; includes understanding and creating a holistic context for your farm, understand nature of change and communication between decision-makers, understanding how decisions can be tested, and learn to monitor and review your choices to become proactive in addressing problems.  Priority here is to use quality of life rather than mere profitability to drive business decision-making process beyond end of your financial year.


Workshop 3:  Holistic Financial Principles (2 days)

Learn how to look at budgeting and finance from a new perspective, how to indentify logjams, weak link, and root causes of problems, explore nature of spending activities and how these behaviours could be costing your business, understand limitations of gross margins when looking for true profitability, explore concept of marginal reaction beyond finances to all farming practices, and activities to challenge how money is prioritised to create true profit.  Often value of something is much more than its cost.


Workshop 4:  Holistic Planned Grazing Principles (2 days)

Learn how to go beyond feed budgeting to use animals to enhance landscape resilience, learn principles and relevance of recovery and grazing periods, explore issues of animal nutrition, learn advantages and disadvantages of various grazing regimes, explore strategy and application of planning animal grazing to enhance landscape function.  In addition, learn how to monitor on-going health of ecosystem processes.

All educators have been personally trained by Allan Savory of the Savory Institute (and founder of Holistic Management) and are registered with either Savory Institute or Holistic Management International or both.  This is your guarantee of quality, professionalism, and ethics.