Open the Gate workshops


What are Open the Gate workshops?

Open the Gate workshops are for farmers, lifestyle block owners, and land managers keen to learn practical observation and business skills to reduce labour, enhance landscape function, and lift profitability.   Workshops cover: business management, grazing, livestock health, goal setting, decision testing, expense planning, soil biology.  More?  See below.

Open the Gate are 3 hour workshops run in any location.  The cost is $100 per person per workshop but drops to $75pp if six or more attend.  Families can experience these workshops on their farm for $350.00.  

How often do you get access to a consultant for $25/hour?  Registrations of interest are essential and payment is expected upon receiving an invoice.  Discounts do not apply to door sales.  

Join John King, an agribusiness tutor at the Organic Training College, Lincoln University, and Western TAFE, Orange, NSW, Australia.  He facilitates, presents, and writes on holistic and regenerative farming. 


Get your friends and neighbours together and challenge John to design a workshop for your group.  The minimum number of participants depends on location of workshops.  Workshop themes can cover a variety of environmental, financial, and social topics associated with regenerating farm businesses.

Register for any course and find when the next one is held in your area.

Check out John King on these videos;

Open the Gate introduction - What is it?


Workshops include:

Farm Fresh: Ideas for an Easier, Healthier, and Profitable Future.

Explores three strategies farmers use when they no longer make money from their enterprises.  Provides examples to successfully lift efficiencies, substitute resources, and redesign farm business that are cheap and effective.  Change is scary but be ahead of the game by exploring alternatives to improve landscape and business resilience.

How to Prevent Pasture Burnout with Livestock

How livestock management restores landscape function by changing grazing regimes to build litter and feed soil biology.  Learn new perspectives about the engine driving your business; land, and how livestock, pasture and soil work together to build resilience against drought and other climate factors.  Set up your own trial site to watch land function change and learn the easiest ways to monitor livestock health and performance as you use them to improve land function.

The Ultimate Grazing Plan: Principles and Practice beyond Feed Budgeting

Learn the value of recovery periods to prevent pasture burnout, how to calculate the length of time livestock should graze paddocks and accommodate all the factors (social, financial, and environmental) when planning grazing to reduce conflicts.  This workshop not only deals with feed budgeting but issues budgeting overlooks and ignores.

Planning Generations Ahead: First Step to a Family Legacy

An introduction to managing holistically; the holistic context.  This document brings together family members to deal with realities of transferring responsibilities.  This workshop focuses on discovering quality of life and purpose as cornerstones of a lasting legacy and strengthening family, farm, and business resilience.  This looks beyond profit as a business driver; profit is always a result of business, never a driver.  Once completed, families are then able to use filter questions to test what actions and plans suit the way ahead is the following workshop. 

Clever Choices: Seven Secrets to Successful Legacies

After completing Generation Game, the next step is to put in place a framework to test options using the holistic context.  Managing holistically allows you to explore and discover how your choices, actions, and plans impact on quality of life and legacy of farm and family.  Testing options creates a proactive approach to business and lifestyle by alerting you to possible problems so if they emerge you are able to deal with them more effectively.

Scratching the Surface:  How can Soil Lower Production Costs?. 

Planning your Profit: Wise Ways to Plan Profit Confidently

Animal Instinct: How to Read Livestock Health and Performance in the Paddock


If you want to find out when workshops are in your area or would like to have them come to your town then contact me or 027 6737 885