Succession Services - Surprisingly Affordable

Succession organises and facilitates a range of activities to help farming families and discussion groups explore sustainable agriculture and the technical, financial, and social features that make it a success.

Through activities and guest speakers, groups engage in decision-making processes to explore and analyse situations from a conventional then a sustainable perspective. Emphasis is how people become more at ease with new ideas so they can try them at home.

Small group and large group seminars and activities offer the opportunity to:

Access information that is innovative and common sense – learn about future trends now

Small group discussion is more effective at initating change in farming practice than quietly listening to guest speakers and professionals. Only through discussion can people question, clarify, and build a clearer picture of the ideas they are considering for their own property, especially if they are with their peers.

These techniques are also useful for:

What is the cost?

Professional and discussion groups $900/day or $450/half day plus travel and accommodation (includes GST)

Farmer First groups
In Summary:
Farmer First Action programme

The focus of Farmer First Action programme is improving decision making and developing habits and routines to improve success.  In other words, you only join if you have a specific problem that needs addressing – no tyre kickers. This means each business is responsible for working on their business throughout the year and reporting progress to the group. This is significantly different from other discussion groups because you:

These days involve going through micro reports for each business updating their status, A pasture walk, and then training in a skill to improve decision making.

Individual Property Visits 

To visit your property and explore options you can do on the farm

Individual consultancy $150 1st hour, then $100/hr to a maximum of $850/day (includes GST)

All phone conversations are free unless negotiated otherwise