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Environment and Farm Profits 

John King demonstrates the relationship between the retail dollar and farm profits.  By using the processes of landscape function (water cycle, mineral cycle, energy flow (harvesting sunlight), and community dynamics (the ever changing patterns of biodiversity) farmers can lower production costs and get a larger share of the retail dollar.  To increase their further they can market their own produce.  Describing how they enhance landscape function makes a great marketing story for their business.


Defining Recovery of Pasture Plants

Australian Holistic Management educator Graeme Hand explains what plant recovery is and why fresh litter in standing plants is an important indicator of recovery.  Graeme's observation builds on Allan Savory's definition of plant recovery but is much more graphic for farmers and farming professionals to understand.  Litter is not wasted grass but protects and feeds soil life thereby prolonging pasture production and longevity.  Feeding soil litter improves resilience to climate change and reduces the need for risky pasture renovation or renewal.  


Bruce Davison; compaction, grazing, and soil microbes 

Australian cattle and goat farmer, and soil biology expert Bruce Davison explains how soil profile is compacted under set stocking.


Graeme Hand; importance of paddock trail sites

Australian Holistic Management educator Graeme Hand explains value of trialing to help farmers understand what pasture recovery should be on their property.  Trialing helps develop confidence with grazing practice to ensure enough litter is on soil surface to improve landscape function. 


John King: Farmer First introduction 

Farmer First groups build farmer confidence through a small group of peers questioning, testing, and reviewing plans and activities on each other's farms.  John King facilitates and combines farmers' experiences to create robust discussions about plans and actions, decision-making, and monitoring of farm businesses. 


John King: Open the Gate workshops

John King introduces Open the Gate workshops, three hour workshops designed to cover a variety of practical farm business topics based on the insights of managing holistically.